Falkland islands oil and gas exploration

2020-01-18 18:16

Falkland Oil and Gas Ltd, abbreviated to FOGL, was an energy company registered in the Falkland Islands and headquartered in London, the United Kingdom. Its business was based on exploring for offshore oil reserves off the coast of the Falklands.Rockhopper is an international oil and gas exploration and production company, incorporated and headquartered in the UK and traded on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange. The Company is focused in two distinct geographic areas the North Falkland Basin in falkland islands oil and gas exploration

Two Falkland Islands oil exploration firms have announced a 57m deal just hours after Argentina elected a leader with a milder attitude towards the territorial dispute with Britain over the islands.

Oil and Gas. Oil exploration around the Falkland Islands has gained considerable momentum over the last three years, providing a welcome, temporary boost to the Islands economy and making longterm oil production in the Falklands a real prospect. Apr 02, 2015 A group of British exploration companies have discovered oil and gas in an offshore area north of the Falkland Islands, which could raise tensions with Argentina over their disputed ownership.falkland islands oil and gas exploration There is no shortage of new frontiers for oil and gas exploration these days. The latest frontier attracting attention is offshore oil and gas in the Falkland Islands, a selfgoverning UK territory in the South Atlantic Ocean, just 460km from the coastline of Argentina.

The geology of the Falkland Islands is described in several publications. The Offshore Oil Exploration, publication of the Falkland Islands Department of Mineral Research. November 2000. Marshall, J. E. A. The Falkland Islands: a key element in Gondwana palaeography . falkland islands oil and gas exploration Six companies hold licence for oil exploration in the region Desire, Falkland Oil& Gas, Rockhopper, Borders& Southern, Argos Resources and Arcadia (the last two are private companies) Desire Petroleum PLC (LSE: DES): It has licence in the north basin. The company expects to recover oil worth about 3 billion boe in four wells.

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