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Jul 21, 2009 We've been looking for a perfect island escape near Singapore for years and have finally found this white sandy paradise just off Bintan Island, only an hour's ferry from Singapore. (all of a three minute stroll through the tropical forest! ) with its own bar and plenty of sun loungers.10 Unexplored Islands Near Singapore Which Don't Require A Plane To Get To 17 minutes reading time (3370 words) 15. Mar. 2016. Lydia Hunter. Not only will you be staying on an island with an untouched tropical jungle, but the nearby coral reefs are full of tropical fish and rays, so you can embrace the Little MermaidMerman from within and tropical islands near singapore

Bintan Island is the largest of 3, 200 islands making up Indonesias Riau Archipelago and the third largest province in the country. With a population of less than quarter of a million, the island has an interesting, eclectic mix of different cultures and ethnicities, including Malay, Bugis, Chinese and native tribes.

11 Best Nearby Beach Weekend Getaways From Singapore. Last Updated: June 18, 2018. Written by Gene Lim. weve helped you source for the best and most awesome beach weekend getaways from Singapore. 1) Bali, Indonesia Pulau Tengah is a tropical, sparsely populated island located within the South China Sea. Langkawi is an archipelago made up of 99 islands on Malaysias west coast and so to make the best of a trip there, we highly recommend stepping off dry land and going for a sail. The huge craggy outcrops and mini islands are aweinspiring and the turquoise waters beckon you in for a dip.tropical islands near singapore Check out these dropdead gorgeous islands near Singapore for your next weekend getaway. Ashleigh Goh Nov 23rd, 2015. Its weird when Singaporeans lament that they dont know where to go for their next weekend getaway. There is a plethora of options available, and especially so if you love beach and island

Singapore pulses with urban activity. The neighboring islands most frequented by visitors three Singaporean, two Indonesian forego steel towers for wooden cottages, flipflops for business tropical islands near singapore Crystal clear waters, pristine beaches and intriguing cultures draw backpackers to these tropical islands near New Zealand. The most popular tropical escape for backpackers staying in New Zealand, Fiji offers islandhopping water activities and, well, beaches again. From large, developed islands where locals happily spend an entire long weekend (and youll need your passport), to tiny, almost deserted tropical islands just a short 20 minute ferry hop from Singapore, here are our 5 favourite islands near Singapore. These stunning islands are easily reached from Singapore yet they are still littleknown. From Kapas Island to Sugi Island, take a pick for your next weekend getaway. surrounding it, which you can easily visit! Take an invigorating bath in the manmade pools created by the waterfalls near Pantai Palawan. If youre looking for a quick The common grounds are lush, green and tropical. Escape to 5 Indonesian islands near Singapore without a flight 0. Guide: Drone flying in Asia 3. 8 exciting places to spend New Years Eve in Asia 2. Places for an Asian Nudist Getaway with resorts, saunas and nature 0.

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